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Reflective Practice as Early Childhood Practitioner

Reflective Practice as Early Childhood Practitioner.


PLASP child Care Services

  For the purpose of this post I will be critiquing the Website of PLASP Child Care Centre



PLASP Child Care services are a not-for-profit child care providing high quality service to the communities for early learning. PLASP mission is to provide an affordable and well-managed organization accessible to many communities throughout Ontario with programs for before-after school and full day early learning child care centre’s.

PLASP Vision:  To be a world class Early Learning and Child Care Provider (PLASP, 2013)plasp webHome Page

The first thing that is evident when entering the website is the fact that PLASP is an award-winning child care service. This is seen on the home page of the website alongside a picture of 12 children whom are all wearing PLASP shirts. This I believe grasps the attention of many parents as it is an effective method of advertisement. Many individuals after viewing the home page will be curious to why this child care services is award-winning, what is the reasoning behind it, and are these children enjoying and learning in reality compared to other child care centres. Overall the website is well-organized and maintains a balanced structure of colors. They have chosen to use their main colors for the logo blue and yellow throughout the website. Also, apart from the logo colors there is usage of other bright colors to attract viewers. The home page also recognized an online blog that is maintained by the website which contains a slide of the most current updates. The home page I believe is targeted towards parents who can be clients for their services. The home page is well dedicated to providing the parents with child care service closer to home by using a search engine to look for schools and centres near the areas by postal code or intersection of residence. After searching for where they wish to place their child the parents can go ahead and register their child online where they are able to be placed in the school of their choice.

 drop down menu


The first page also informs the parents that PLASP offers 3 different programs for various age groups. PLASP has early learning and child care centres for 18 months-5 years. Parents are also informed of PLASP before-after school programs for full day kindergarten ages 3 years 8 months to 5 years. Finally the third program that is notified to parents is the before-after school service for ages 3 years 8 months to 12 years. This information is all targeted towards parents. Another thing noticed about this website is that the PLASP blog slide show is focusing on recent events in the organization. One main event that caught my eye was an event dedicated with a special guest whom is Parenting Expert Dr. Karyn Gordon. This is an indication that the PLASP website is highly dedicated towards parents. All in all I believe that the website is a professional representation of the services provided by PLASP child care services. The website identifies all the major and minor events that take place within the organization with the use of multi-media. There are videos, pictures, and blog slides throughout the website that are used highly effectively to promote the many services PLASP has to offer.

dr gordonParent Resources- Plasp Videos

One main section that caught my eye was PLASP videos where 10 insightful questions and answers are captured in video format. This section is very well organized for parents with titles that are attracting due to the focus of the topic. The videos cover topics such as teaching skills early for success, sibling rivalry, supporting your co-parent, and getting my kids to talk to me. These are just a few of the topics that are covered within this section. The multi-media use of video in this section is highly effective for parents due to the short clips of question and answers by the parenting expert Dr. Gordon. The navigation of this website is very simple and easy. There are links on the top that guide you throughout the website with ease. You can simply go back to the home page with one click on the logo or the link labelled Home.

Recommendation for this website I would provide is shifting the focus of audience to not only parents but also educators. This would get more educators involved within the organization and also allow new educators to learn from the current staff.

The main contact for PLASP is the PLASP head office located on 121 Brunel Road Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E9 Phone: 905.890.1711 Fax: 905.890.6947 E-mail:

General Information & Parent Services childcare@plasp.com
Subsidy subsidy@plasp.com
Volunteers & Students On Placement volunteering@plasp.com
Employment Opportunities resumes@plasp.com


                                                The main contact for PLASP is the PLASP head office loacated on 121 Brunel Road Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E9

Phone: 905.890.1711 Fax: 905.890.6947

“Helping immigrant workers fit in”

Citizenship and Imigration Canada (1)

The article “Helping immigrant workers fit in” by Marlene Habib which appeared in the Globe and Mail published in September 2011 discusses the current situation of immigrants working in Canada. It includes options for immigrants who are seeking help and guidance to finding a job in their work fields. The article includes successful programs many individuals have taken when they were jobless, such as the bridging program at Ryerson University which helped an individual get a permanent job after a period of struggle in poverty by preparing for interviews with real employers. It further gives information to readers that there are government orientated programs such as Canadian Immigration Program which “helps workers get jobs that recognize their experience and education” (Habib, pg. 2) The article mentions how it remains an issue for many new immigrants who come to Canada to find the job they are worthy off considering their education.

I agree that it is a difficult experience when immigrating to a country which one is not aware off in the language or culture. There is an enormous amount of cultural shock and “fitting in” is a lot harder than imagined by many immigrants in Canada. Getting a job seems to be one of the harder tasks while fitting in because I feel that until an individual understands the language there is a communication barrier between people working together. With this communication barrier the employee and employer are unable to communicate in a manner where they are able understand each other.

As mentioned in the article many individuals have sent out numerous amounts of resumes to employers but receive no response. I personally have seen my father experience that even to date. He sits at a computer for hours on weekends sending resume’s to companies throughout Canada looking for a job that could complement his education and work experience. In many cases he received a response stating that he cannot be hired as an employee because he has not enough work experience in one single workplace. He has to switch jobs almost every year because they fired him or as the employer says it “they let him go”. It may be easy to lose a job as an immigrant but to get a job in the first place is the difficult task. Furthermore, it brings down ones self-esteem where they are not courageous enough and give up on life. It is difficult for an individual who was successful at a career in their “home land” but as an immigrant in Canada they are facing struggle to fit in as a worker.

In addition, I agree to this article stating that companies have begun to hire employees who are immigrants because the working industry is now more diverse. There are teachers, police officers and doctors, who are off different ethnicity working together. New immigrants continue to face a struggle because they are unable to understand the language spoken but there is a lot more guidance for them compared to individuals who did not receive any help at all. I support groups who are helping many immigrants prepare for interviews because the interview is the basic point where immigrants can prove to the employer that they are skilled and would be the best choice for the particular job. Also, this type of support encourages immigrants that they are capable of working in Canada and gives them the push towards a higher self-esteem where they can be proud of their education received from another country.

In conclusion, the article “Helping immigrant workers fit in” by Marlene Habib has stated reasonable points that are currently still an issue for the immigrants coming to Canada but there is still hope for them. Canadian immigrants are now provided with the help and aid that encourages them to excel in Canada. Many immigrants have to face struggle and difficulties in the beginning but when successful they will be a part of Canada’s large working community. As stated in the article, the help provided is a step towards building a more diverse community and a job is one of the requirements to an immigrant once living in Canada. In short, work is required in order to provide self and family with the necessities of living and providing immigrants with a job would help them live a more subtle lifestyle.

Source of Article:

Habib, M. (2011, September 29). Helping immigrant workers fit in – The Globe and Mail. Home – The Globe and Mail. Retrieved October 27, 2011, from http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/career-advice/on-the-job/helping-immigrant-workers-fit-in/article2185279/

Age, Gender, Ethnicity: What does it make us?



The generation we grow up in experiences the world in its own unique way.

A person of my age is my older brother named Ali who is one year older than me. He is the one who I shared many of my experiences of the world with such as my first day of elementary school, first time on a roller coaster, and even my first day of college. My brother is the one who guides me when I am in trouble, he supports me but like all brothers he loves to tease me whenever he has a chance.


How society views the characteristics that result from genetic similarities.

I am seen as belonging to the South East Asian race because I was born and raised in Pakistan. I have genetic similarities as many people who are from Pakistan such as my skin color of light brown, my dark brown eyes, and black hair.


How we talk about ourselves as citizens of a certain country, or as a people with a common heritage of culture, belief and language.

As a ___Canadian Citizen__ (nationality), I have learned how to respect the multicultural society that I live in, to appreciate the variety of festivals and to create bonds of friendship with people who have lived in different parts of the world where I have never traveled to.  Also, I have learned to enjoy the many different cultures, the variety of foods and traditions others follow. I have a passion to learn about the many different religions that could be found in the multicultural society because it fascinates me of the strong beliefs people have for their religion and how it is very similar to the way I feel for the religion that I follow.



“Technology wil…

“Technology will be part of the learning landscape of the future” – Francis Wardle Ph.D.