“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

Teacher Helping Students

In the article, “The face of education: is it too white?” by Louise Brown has included opinions of teachers, students, principles and officials from education of Peel. The article is about the diversity of teachers in schools throughout Ontario and the importance of the diversity in teachers mirroring the diversity of students attending the schools. Furthermore, the article states the achievements that many teachers and principals have accomplished through the years because they were encouraged to be a bigger part of the diverse society. The article states that the school systems are now more encouraged in hiring teachers who are of diverse ethnicity to create a diverse schooling system. The Ontario Ministry of education has stated to all the principles to reflect diversity when hiring teachers for the school. The principles are responsible of the staff provided to students and each teacher has a different contribution to the students attending the school. The article further states that insuring that there is diversity within the staff members is important because the students pursue a role model in the teachers who they are able to relate to. If the backgrounds of student and staff are relating to each other the student then feels more comfortable and can look at their teacher as a role model who has achieved a lot of success in life.

I agree that the school systems earlier were not as diverse as today. When I was in elementary school I remember that all my teachers were of the same ethnicity. However, when I went to high school Rick Hansen Secondary School I had teachers who were of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. The staff of teachers was more diverse; I had teachers who were from different parts of Asia. Some of my teachers were from India, China and Russia. As mentioned in the article students and teachers are able to relate to each other because of their common background experience. I agree with this because the teachers in high school that I was able to relate to were of the same background. I feel that when I was unable to relate to the teacher I would find students who had a common background with me. It is more about feeling that you are not alone out there, there is someone who shares the same background experience which you can relate to.

In addition, I agree to the article stating that even currently the staff at many schools in Ontario is not as diverse as it should be. There are still some places in Ontario where schools are limited in their diversity because not that many teachers are from different ethnicity backgrounds. The article states statistics from universities that there are not that many students who are studying to become teachers. In order to have a more diverse staff of teachers we need to be more encouraging towards the career of becoming a teacher. I feel that parents and teachers are the role models who encourage students to choose the career to pursue in their future. Personally my parents have encouraged me to become a successful teacher but I have met my friend’s parents who discourage the choice of becoming a teacher over being a doctor. My friends who want to become a teacher and be successful at the job are rejecting their choices because their parents encourage something else for the future choice in career. I agree there needs to be more diversity in the staff of many schools and in order to have that diversity in staff parents and current teachers need to encourage the career of teaching.

In conclusion, the article “The face of education: is it too white?” by Louise Brown is stating the current situation in the school system in Ontario regarding the diversity of staff members. The article discusses the importance of diversity in teachers and has included the changes that have been made in order to achieve the diversity. It states that diversity in teachers allows student and teachers to relate to each other by sharing the common experiences. School systems have taken a step to making schools a more diverse society by hiring teachers of different backgrounds. Teachers are a role model for students and students are more successful in school when they have a teacher role model present in their life. To sum up briefly, it is now the responsibility of parents and current teachers to encourage students to pursue teaching as a future career to allow the diverse teaching staff for the future in school systems.

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Brown, L. (2011, September 18). Toronto News: The face of education: is it too white? – thestar.com. News, Toronto, GTA, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Canada, World, Breaking – thestar.com. Retrieved October 27, 2013, from http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1089372–the-face-of-education-is-it-too-white

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